Sunday, 29 October 2017

James Bond's Opponents

Mr Big
Rosa Klebb
Auric Goldfinger

Emilio Largo
Horst Uhlmann
Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Le Chiffre
Sir Hugo Drax
The Spang brothers
Dr No
Mr Sanguinetti
Francisco Scaramanga

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Piet Hein

Poul Anderson, Genesis (New York, 2001) is divided into Parts One and Two, each with an internal title page.

Part One, p. 1, has this appropriate quotation:

"To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
"Beyond the utmost bound of human thought."
-Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

No surprises there. We recognize both the name Tennyson and the relevance of the verse.

Part Two, p. 99, has:

"Was it her I ought to have loved...?"
-Piet Hein.

I googled Piet Hein. See here.
When I googled the quotation, I found only copies of Anderson's text.
Hein refers to Niel Bohr who is also referenced in Anderson's Three Hearts And Three Lions. See here.
In Anderson's use of the quotation, does "her" refer to Earth?

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Today In Lancaster

See In Preston Today.

A Pride march set off from and returned to Dalton Square. See image. There was food, drink and speeches. Speakers included the Mayor of Lancaster and the Conservative and Labour candidates in the current General Election campaign, Eric Ollerenshaw and Cat Smith, respectively. Ollerenshaw is homosexual and a veteran of Gay Liberation Front marches. There will be musical events in local pubs this afternoon and this evening.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

The James Bond Canon

Novels by Ian Fleming.

TV adaptations: Casino Royale: UNCLE; unused scripts and treatments.

Prose fiction by Fleming based on screen treatments: Dr No; For Your Eyes Only; Thunderball.

Feature films.

Newspaper comic strips.

Prose fiction by other authors, including Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz, incorporating
"Murder on Wheels," a TV treatment by Fleming.

Film novelizations.

Comic books.

Video games.

Friday, 31 March 2017

A Few Coincidences

I am reading SM Stirling's Emberverse series in which many people, including the present Queen of England, have died and Prince Charles has become King Charles III. By coincidence, I recently heard part of a radio drama by Val McDermid in which many people are dying and the Queen is too ill to perform state functions so the Prime Minister asks Prince Charles to dissolve Parliament.

By another coincidence, I am rereading Stieg Larsson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in which Mikael Blomkvist reads Val McDermid's The Mermaids Singing. The phrase "...mermaids singing..." is part of a poem by John Donne which Neil Gaiman quotes at the beginning of his novel, Stardust.

The Poul Anderson Appreciation blog has found many connections between SM Stirling, Poul Anderson and Neil Gaiman. We have also discussed Stieg Larsson in relation to Poul Anderson, e.g., see here.


My mission today, which I chose to accept, was not to post on Poul Anderson Appreciation but instead to post on six other blogs. However, these posts should be of interest to readers of PAA and will be copied to that blog tomorrow:

Not Fanfic But
Swedish Comics
Temporal Intelligence
Logic And Timelines
Magic And Entropy


See Versions.

Generally, book publication presents a single version of a character whereas periodical publication and screen adaptations present multiple versions. However, there is a long history of different versions of a story. Hesiod and Homer present alternative birth stories of Aphrodite; Plato rationalizes them.

The Smallville and Arrow TV series present different versions of Oliver Queen played by different actors. Smallville is a prequel to a version of Superman but not a version that we have ever seen before. Everything important is happening before Clark dons the costume or flies, even Lois Lane knowing of his powers and agreeing to marry him.

There are two versions of Poul Anderson's Kith History (see here) and a few stories in his Technic History exist both in an original version and in a version that has been revised to make it consistent with the History, e.g., "Margin of Profit" (see here) and "The White King's War" (see here).