Sunday, 22 March 2015

Millennium Films I And II

I have watched the second and third films and will now have to reread the books. It is obvious, first, that the films are authentic and, secondly, that they had to leave out a lot:

Lisbeth's adventures in the Caribbean; 
Erika going to work at a newspaper;
the guy at the newspaper harassing her by email;
Mikael's more complicated means of communicating with Lisbeth in the hospital;
Mikael's affair with a policewoman;
Mikael guessing the right code when he has tripped the alarm entering Lisbeth's apartment.

I liked the first novel's island setting but prefer it when the action is back in Stockholm. Zala is like Blofeld but there are people to track down even after Zala has been killed. It is good to see one government agency going after another.

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