Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Millennium Volume II

I am not going to catalogue every difference between book and film but a few more spring to mind:

Blomkvist's relationship with Harriet Vanger is left out of the second film;

the book gives a better explanation of how Blomkvist came to have the keys to Lisbeth's new apartment;

in the book, Blomkvist quickly deduces the code for Lisbeth's alarm whereas, in the film, Lisbeth remotely cancels the alarm for him;

in the book, Lisbeth releases the guy that she nearly hanged whereas, in the film, she leaves in a hurry and the guy's daughter finds him like that (usually, changes delete characters whereas this change creates the daughter);

when Lisbeth interrogated the guy in the car hire firm, she hired one of his cars in the film but did not need to in the book;

the films leave out Nierdermann's hallucinations, superstition, capture by Blomkvist and escape from the police;

Erika's husband does not appear in the films.

Lisbeth and Zala sure are resilient, surviving when they should be dead, Zala twice.

"At the kitchen table Zalachenko looked up when he heard the sound of the falling crossbar." (Vol II, p. 559)

Does Zala not only hear a sound but also know that the sound is of a falling crossbar? If so, then this passage is narrated from Zala's point of view. Otherwise, it is narrated by the omniscient narrator, as are some earlier passages like when we are told that Bjurman did not know that he was sitting near to Blomkvist.

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