Saturday, 31 December 2016


This image shows the "monoliths," mentioned here.

Alan Moore, Jerusalem (London, 2016).

The Prelude, "Work in Progress," ends with Alma's exhibition about to begin. This is indeed a prelude.

"A Host of Angles" ends with Ern's death, a closure.

"ASBOs of Desire" ends with a cliff-hanger:

"She walked towards the car." (p. 93)

"Rough Sleepers" ends with anticipation:

"This looked like it was going to turn out to be quite a night." (p. 123)

"X Marks the Spot" ends with the monk Peter's death and last word, another closure.

"Modern Times" ends with anticipation or apprehension:

"Somewhere not too far away, he hoped, an audience was waiting. The gas mantle hissed a dismal premonition." (p. 173)

"Blind, but Now I See" ends with a revelation.

"Atlantis" ends with another cliff-hanger as Ben tries to return to writing poetry:

"His right hand trembled, inches from the snow-blind, empty page." (p. 241)

That is as far as I have read but it is a great deal of human life and death already, to say the least.

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