Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New Worlds And Angel Language

I have not discovered an America but I have discovered three Columbuses. Poul Anderson and SM Stirling open up new worlds, including even pre-Columbian North America in various periods and timelines, whereas Alan Moore shows us this world in new ways:

a painter hears an angel and/or goes mad in St Paul's Cathedral;

a Northampton prostitute knows that the royal family killed Princess Diana because Di predicted it so she must have had precognition;

a homeless man practices a weird kind of time travel that I have not yet come to grips with.

The author on the creative process:

"This is the magic place, the mad place at the spark gap between word and world. All of the subtle energies pass through here on their journey into form. If properly directed, they'll provide the closure that the narrative demands: the terrible black dogs shall come. There shall be fires, and severed heads, and angel language."
-Alan Moore, Voice Of The Fire (London, 1996), pp. 296-297.

As I said in a fan letter to Alan Moore, this is angel language!

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