Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Blog Crossovers

We are mainly discussing Alan Moore's Jerusalem on the Personal and Literary Reflections blog because it is a work of literature. However:

Further Digging was posted on the Logic of Time Travel blog because it is about time travel;
Preliminary Thoughts On "Eternalism" and "It was still there..." were posted on the Religion and Philosophy blog because they are philosophical;
Three Alan Moore Quiz Questions was posted on the Comics Appreciation blog because, although occasioned by reading Moore's prose fiction, it is mainly about his graphic fiction.

This is bound to confuse blog readers because it is confusing me.

Having glimpsed the future of this blog, I prophesy that:

the next post will compare quotations from HG Wells, James Blish and Alan Moore;
the post after that will copy a relevant passage from Time Travel And Poul Anderson on the Poul Anderson Appreciation blog;
the post after that again will probably discuss these issues further.

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