Sunday, 8 January 2017


It is a privilege to live at a time when it is possible to own a copy of Alan Moore's Jerusalem and a laptop. Literature and philosophy overlap but let's stay with this blog for the time being.

In "Flatland" (pp. 495-565), Moore very convincingly describes what it would be like for a homeless twelve year old to freeze to death - then to exist as an immortal soul recognizing his own dead body. However, is anyone out there really confident that his consciousness is going to continue not only after his body has ceased to function but also literally forever? Reported Near Death Experiences and Out Of The Body Experiences occur while the body is still intact and reviveable.

If I am asked willingly to suspend disbelief, then I am able to comply whereas, if I am asked to believe, then my skepticism kicks in. I do not think that disembodied consciousness is logically impossible. See Minds And Brains. However, mere logical possibility falls far short of verified reality. Surely the evidence implies that psychological processes are generated by, and entirely dependent on, organic and cerebral processes? When I was given a general anesthetic, I saw my consciousness go out like a candle flame.

Music is dependent on musical instruments,
hearing on ears,
dancing on feet,
speech on vocal chords,
sight on eyes,
sensations on nerves,
memory on brain cells with RNA.

If consciousness survives, then I will find out whereas, if it does not, then we will never know.

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