Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Of Time And Tunes

Alan Moore, Jerusalem (London, 2016).

Michael choked to death on a Tune. See image. As a ghost, he has time traveled. He is now watching a fight between two angels, having previously seen one of the angels wounded and coming away from this fight, so he wonders whether even now, in the mortal world, his mother is unwrapping the fatal Tune.

No. Michael, like all the dead, now exists and thinks in a second temporal dimension. In every moment of this second temporal dimension, all the moments of the first temporal dimension coexist as cross-sections of a linear extension which is described as a "...coral carpet..." (p. 548) beneath the feet of the fighting angels.

"'Everything in the universe of space and time is going on at once, occurring in a glorious super-instant with the dawn of time on one side of it and time's end upon the other.'" (p. 412)
-copied from here.

Everything in the mortal world, not just Doreen unwrapping the Tune, is happening simultaneously while Michael watches the angelic fight.

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