Friday, 6 January 2017

"Higher Up"

"'The order comes from much higher up. They all do, you know, in the long run.'"
-CS Lewis, Perelandra, Chapter 2, IN Lewis, The Cosmic Trilogy (London, 1990), pp. 160-170 AT p. 162.

"This was more like something designated higher up, by management..."
-Alan Moore, Jerusalem (London, 2016), p. 442.

We all know what, or rather Who, CS Lewis means by "...higher up." Alan Moore is hinting at something similar but in his completely different cosmology.

But how different! Lewis, a Christian convert and apologist:

“…set out to impose on the solar system a strange Anglican-cum-Babylonian theology and cosmogony..."
-copied from here

- whereas Alan Moore, a practicing magician, expounds kabbalistic theology in Promethea and Jerusalem

Lewis, first person narrator in his own works of fiction, tells us:

"I did not even doubt the reality of that mysterious being whom the eldila call Maleldil and to whom they appear to give a total obedience such as no Tellurian dictator can command. I knew what Ransom supposed Maleldil to be." (Chapter 1, pp. 149-160 AT p. 155)

Here, familiar beliefs, shared by some of Lewis' readers, are presented are perceived by extraterrestrial, even extra-planetary, beings. How will Moore present his "...higher up[s]"? Only further reading will tell. 

Meanwhile, many of us must continue to live and act in the belief that there is no one "higher up," that we are on our own.

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