Monday, 2 January 2017

The Road Ahead II

Alan Moore, Jerusalem (London, 2016).

I am staying with the comparison made in the previous post in order to highlight a difference between space and time.

Standing on a high hill, you see on the horizon a town where you will arrive after a further hour of travel but, of course, you do not see yourself in the town.

Gazing eighty plus years into the future along his daughter's mortal span, Snowy Vernall sees not only the house in which she will die but also her dying in it.

Thus, Vernall's daughter will not travel along the eighty plus years in order to arrive at her death but is already there, at least as perceived by Vernall.

An additional detail is that Vernall is also able to discern emotional overtones, luster, then melancholy. His foresight is not merely physical.

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