Saturday, 7 January 2017

Ways Between Worlds

While reading a book, it is impossible to know in advance which word, phrase, passage or concept will inspire the next blog post. These opening sentences of the chapter, "The Scarlet Well," cannot be allowed to pass without comment:

"Straight down the rabbit hole, and through the wardrobe door: it seemed to Michael as if this was a completely proper and time-honoured way to get into another world, although he couldn't for the death of him have told you why it felt like that. Perhaps he just remembered something similar from an old story that had been read to him..."
-Alan Moore, Jerusalem (London, 2016), p. 463.

Indeed. The looking glass is another. See Between Worlds. Here is an amazing alternative to the rabbit hole/wardrobe etc:

The BBC showed a serial, The Moondial, written by Helen Cresswell and based on her novel of the same title;
the heroine uses a moondial for time travel;
The Moondial is set in, and the serial was filmed in, Belton House and its gardens;
a moondial (see image) in the grounds was referred to in the novel, then filmed for TV;
knowing only that The Moondial was a work of fiction, I visited Belton House with family and saw the moondial;
when I commented that this was like seeing Alice's rabbit hole or HG Wells' Time Machine, one family member did not understand what I meant - the Time Machine is not real etc!

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