Sunday, 1 January 2017


Alan Moore, Jerusalem. See here.

Can an author write about experiences that are not his? Can a man write from the point of view of a woman giving birth? Read "The Breeze That Plucks The Apron." (pp. 263-292) Of course, a woman reader might say that I as a male reader cannot know whether Alan Moore as a male writer has got it right. We can only make our own assessments of the veracity of what we read.

"'...turning all that money down.'" (p. 267)

Those five words sound autobiographical?

The midwife makes the point that, if May had been rich, then she would not have married Tom and therefore would not have been having this child. See If Not. We cannot assess different versions of our lives or, e.g., compare the children that we would have had with different wives or husbands. Fortunately, we do not have to.

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